How it Works

Tier 1 Liquidity & Advanced Automated Execution

We provide global multi-asset liquidity through tier 1 automated execution technology.

Pricing & Revenue Sharing Models

We help you maximise your revenue potential through excellent pricing and revenue sharing models.

Peace of Mind

Royal is regulated, fully compliant, and committed to the highest trading standards since 2006.

Discover the Benefits of Doing Business the ROYAL Way

Access Liquidity Solutions with Tier 1 Automated Execution Engines

Fact #1: Your success depends on a reliable liquidity source.

Fact #2: We’ll make sure you have it through:

  • Deep Interbank liquidity
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Trading servers hosted with Equinix (LD4 & NY4)
  • Flexible and customised liquidity solutions
  • Experienced development and integrations teams

Pricing & Revenue Sharing Models

Whether you’re a broker or a professional trader we know that maximising your revenue potential is your ultimate goal. By using our 24/5 liquidity and dealing services, you can expect the following:

  • Tight spreads as low as 0.0 pips with very competitive ticket fees
  • Automated market execution with near-zero latency
  • MAM technology for greater control and allocation
  • White label solutions
  • Detailed and summary trading statements
  • Seamless deposit and withdrawals

* Available to brokers and white label partners only

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The Royal Advantage

  • Royal was established in 2006, and has grown exponentially through many industry downturns which wiped out some of the biggest brokers
  • We have long-term partnerships with many major brokers and asset managers
  • Our teams speak your language. No fluff, no empty promises!
  • We continuously invest in our tier 1 trading and technology infrastructure

Peace of Mind Trading

It’s called the Royal Way for a reason! We don’t like boasting about our advantages, but we believe that all it takes is a phone call for you to know that we speak your language. Just speak with us and find out for yourself.

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Jerry Khargi is RoyalWay’s Chief Dealer. As one of Royal’s founding members and a veteran of trading, he has a long history of helping clients successfully maximise their revenue potential.  Before joining Royal, Jerry owned his own Forex FCM in 2001, fully regulated by the CFTC and NFA. He wore many hats in that organisation and learned every aspect of the industry. Today, he leverages his industry experience and unique perspective to help clients succeed.  If you’d like to know how RoyalWay can help you, register now and set up a one-on-one call with Jerry today.

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